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I forgot to post this, so better late then never. About 2 months ago, while working maintenance (read: janitor) at McDonald’s, I stumbled upon this #relic of a bygone era behind the trash can in the drive-thru. I’m going to talk to the little booger eaters right now. Y’see back in the day before before Redbox, before Netflix Instant, before broadband internet to allow massive digital pirating of #movies, hell before Netflix period, there were video stores. Actual brick and mortar buildings filled with VHS tapes (Google it or ask your parents), and later DVDs, that you would pay to rent movies from. Now to prevent people from just paying and not returning them after the 2-7 day period given, you had to create an account, giving all your information, so that if you returned a movie late or not at all you’d have to pay a fee. #Blockbuster Video was the biggest national chain of video stores in the United States for about 30 years.

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